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About Me & This Blog

If someone would have asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing today; my answer would have probably been, “hoping to be with someone I love, getting married and starting a family.” I never in a million years would have thought that as a young adult I would be a disabled American, unable to work, taking more medications daily than I can even begin to count.

I was involved in a terrible automobile accident at the end of my high school career that left me with more medical issues than I can even begin to count, mush less list here. It has changed and impacted my life in more ways that I can even begin to count. When the doctors told my family I may never walk again or go to college, I decided to make it a point to prove them all wrong. After months of occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy I was able to walk and although it took me longer than average, I graduated college.

I have definitely been through some “phases” throughout my life. A lot more personally defining phases than your average person, before and after my accident. I do not regret anything that I have done or been through so far in my short-lived life, everything has taught me some kind of lesson, whether it was good or bad. Like any teenager, I was very rebellious, my parents told me to do something and I did the exact opposite. There was a period where I was “that girl,” that girl that would do anything to fit in, to be part of the “in crowd,” and I have no problem admitting to that today. Then I just decided to drink, that drinking would solve everything, that maybe if I got drunk enough it would cover up my pain; physical, emotional, mental.

It wasn’t until one night after being out having a few drinks with friends at dinner with another “bad seed” that I was dating that made me do a 360. That night he consumed a few too many and the night ended with me being picked up out of the passenger seat and thrown on my own driveway, then the police being called. That’s what it took to make me FINALLY ‘wake-up’ and kind of “smack myself in the face and ask myself “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN ANOTHER CHANCE AT LIFE! DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH IT!”

After that night, I literally stayed home and didn’t go out (with friends, for entertainment) for three months. I spent those months doing some hardcore soul-searching and deciding to make a change.

I decided I wanted to make my home/the way I lived more environmental efficient (“green”), so I got outside and made myself a vegetable garden, I learned to start composting, I purchased a rain-catcher from a woman I met who is a master gardener and in doing so, I got a GREAT deal and she’s taught me a lot.

I started “couponing.” I never realized how much money I was always throwing away, and also how many deals are out there that you will never know about unless you know how to find them. I have told some of my friends lately that these blogs have become my latest addiction, simply because there is SO much amazing information! RECIPES, COUPONS, CRAFTS, IDEAS, CLEANING TIPS, DEALS, ETC and it’s all free, it’s just moms, single ladies and wives sharing a common interest!

I also decided to let people who don’t hear it enough know how much they are appreciated. I bake the waste pick-up crew in my neighborhood cookies randomly and leave them next to my trash on trash day with a Thank You note; I bake and take my pharmacy cookies with a Thank You note when I go to pick-up or take a prescription randomly; I do the same for the mail delivery person, etc.

Even little things, such as having popsicles in the freezer when the guys come that help me mow my yard. I insist that they take one, because it’s 100 degrees outside around here, and it’s so easy to dehydrate.

I will make it a point to learn employee’s names, and to introduce myself at the local stores that I frequent, you would be surprised how many new friends you make just by simply talking to someone, and now every time I go in, they know my by name and I promise you I have the best service ever! It makes it fun too because if you talk to them and give them a chance to learn about the little projects that you may be doing or give them a chance to talk about their grandchildren or children or whatever it may be, it makes an impression!

Through my positive changes I have found that I really have a niche for D.I.Y. projects/sewing/painting/crafting in general. It’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you take the time to figure it out. So I now am enjoying making all sorts of stuff for not only myself, but my goal is to start my Etsy here soon.

I’ve also always said, somewhat in a joking manner that I would write a book oneday. Well I’ve decided to actually do it and have started on it, for self-gratification if nothing else. When I actually sit down and think about it, I’ve been through more things so far in my short life than most people will EVER get to experience.

So I now know that not only is life is full of lessons, but that there is a purpose of each and every lesson. No, not all of life’s lessons are going to be easy ones to swallow or have happy endings, but that is why you must believe in your self, it will take courage and strength but you must follow your dreams.

I live each and everyday to the fullest and yep, I am what people call a “miracle,” I have defied the odds, so each and every day I try to make it a point to SHARE A SMILE WITH A STRANGER because honestly there are SO many miracles and SO many angels walking amongst you and I both but you will never know unless you share a smile or share a friendly hello.

I hope to share some recipes, some links to great deals, and just some of my daily experiences on here. I also am going to try to write parts of my book as I get the urge to write on here……

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  15. Our global responsible leadership movement is based on our company and our associates giving back, moving the environment forward and encouraging people to act as catalysts and coaches.
    Since our beginning in 1906, and with our first pair of running shoes in 1938, New Balance has been committed to moving the world physically, emotionally and intellectually. With over 4,100 associates worldwide, and New Balance product available in over 120 countries, we strive to make an impact in three broad areas.
    It is with great pleasure that New Balance presents its first comprehensive Responsible Leadership report.
    The full report dives deep into NB’s history, culture and values. It also provides vision and initiatives for our global sustainability, social and community efforts.

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